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Learn wordpress from scratch to professionalism The largest library WordPress sessions .. Takes you from zero to professionalism in WordPress Learn to create blogs and WordPress or websites or stores working on WordPress, learning to protect your site WordPress and create WordPress for search engines

creat a website tutorial

To create a WordPress site or blog from scratch to fully configure your site, we offer a detailed explanation for beginners to start your site or blog on WordPress

online store tutorial

Create an online store to start selling products online This course is dedicated to the establishment of an online store on WordPress from the beginning until the first product on the e-store

improve wordpress tutorial

In this course we are interested in explaining the most important ways to increase the effectiveness and performance of WordPress to make your site or blog or store on WordPress a high degree of efficiency, speed and professionalism

wordpress seo tutorial

Creating your site for WordPress and search engines is one of the most important ways to increase the rate and traffic to your site in WordPress, we will be in this session explaining WordPress SEO and ways to increase the ranking of your site in the search engines famous.

fix error wordpress tutorial

To fix the common problems of WordPress, we are interested in this session to explain the most common problems that occur in WordPress, we pay special attention to this session to avoid any problems occur to your site and WordPress to keep your site working efficiently.

wordpress security tutorial

حماية مواقع ووردبريس وتأمينها انه أمر هام وفى غاية الأهمية، نهتم فى هذة الدورة بتأمين المواقع والمتاجر الالكترونية والمدونات التى تعمل على ووردبريس، إنة من الأهمية بمكان ان تأخذ على محمل الجد تأمين وحماية موقعك ووردبريس

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WordPress courses are explained by wordpress experts around the world. All WordPress courses are completely free courses and are provided by the WordPress Web site and are exclusive to the WordPress Web site. If you have any questions or queries you can not find answers to in WordPress forums, you can add a new topic in forums. You will find a selection of experts and experts to solve WordPress problems and answer any queries.