what is wordpress ? what is wordpress site ?


You’ve probably heard a lot about wordpress and have often wonderedwhat is wordpress ?  What is the benefit and how does the WordPress work, and is WordPress free or paid? And what will I benefit from WordPress? In this subject you will remain aware of what is wordpress ?

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress
What is WordPress

WordPress is an open-source system, program or script through which you can create a website, blog or online store professionally and without prior experience in web design or programming, and we mean open source that you can modify, change, add, modify and delete features and functions suitable to your needs Profile of your site, blog or e-store.

More than 35% of web sites around the world rely on WordPress to manage their content and thousands of websites that are growing daily and rely on WordPress to create and manage their site content. The largest news organizations and news sites rely on WordPress, such as CNN News and hundreds of major web sites based on WordPress.

What kind of sites can WordPress create and manage?

The beauty and splendor of WordPress is not only useful but in the plugins with which it is developed by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, so WordPress is almost able to manage any kind of sites designed to design and manage everything in WordPress is almost free or paid plugins you can get and install On WordPress.

WordPress can manage and design these types of sites:

  • Public and personal blogging
  • Corporate sites of all kinds
  • Online stores to sell products online
  • Personal Sites
  • General Forums
  • social networks
  • Free or paid membership sites.
  • Any site that dreams of designing or executing a WordPress can be a challenge.

All without prior experience and without writing a software code.

Is WordPress Free or Paid?

wordpress program itself Free and anyone can download wordpress and enthroned on the website of the official WordPress site  wordpress.org .bdon for, develops Aluwrdberas around the world , a community of hundreds of thousands of developers , whether to developWordPress plugins or WordPress themes.

Why is WordPress free?

If WordPress is free, why WordPress users do not sell WordPress as long as WordPress is globally famous and can make huge profits from this great system. To answer this question, you need to know who are WordPress administrators. The developer of the WordPress script itself is a small group of PHP experts who do not exceed 8 individuals. They belong to the company that owns the WordPress system. The WordPress script itself does not meet the needs of designing and creating websites.wordpress plugins It is a small programs help WordPress installed on the WordPress to add a new function or property or delete something from WordPress, and there is WordPress themesThese are the different forms of sites. The developer of WordPress plugins and templates are thousands of developers around the world. Only free plugins in WordPress have exceeded the 60,000 mark, and the templates have reached more than 10,000 templates. Here we are talking about free templates and free plugins only. Therefore, if WordPress is not free, it should be distributed to all developers. This is hard to come by and if WordPress is not free, no one will add new plugins or themes to WordPress.

How wordpress developers make money?

This is an important question? If WordPress is free, how can all these people win and how automatic is the company that owns WordPress? This is a good question, but a simple answer. The idea is that WordPress providers provide WordPress free of charge but offer other services on a paid basis. Other paid services such as paid surcharges, web hosting services and others, and has a business site to host WordPress sites in exchange for wordpress.com . For the owner, it generates millions of dollars from offering a free program for other paid services.

For developers who design and programming plugins is the same idea of ​​the add-on program, it offers this add-on free and offers the same addition, but more professional options and more advantages, but the user must pay to get that addition and applies to the templates also.

Anyone with experience in php language can programmatically add wordpress or wordpress template and sell it.

WordPress templates and WordPress plugins are not completely free and must be paid for. All the additions and templates displayed on the official WordPress site are free, and the plugins and templates paid are available on other non-Wordpress sites.

What is the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org?

Qena explained this in detail in our educational topic: What is the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org? Read the topic or read the short explanation.

WordPress.org is a site called WordPress, a web-hosted site where you can create a WordPress site, download WordPress, get free WordPress templates and plugins, and get support and support for WordPress.

WordPress.com:  is a service that is targeted by WordPress.org. It’s easy to use, but you lose a lot of flexibility in self-hosted WordPress.

Most people when you talk about wordpress are meant by wordpress.org and not wordpress.com, if you want to create a wordpress blog then you will only need wordpress.org.

Here are two educational topics about how to create a blog or a WordPress site step by step .

When was the WordPress created and who credited it with its establishment?

WordPress was created as a fully independent project in 2003, which originated as a project from previous projects called b2 / cafelog.

Since then, Matt Mullenweg has become face to face with WordPress. He is also the founder of Automattic, the company responsible for WordPress.com’s profitability service.

Suffice it to say thanks to its shareholders and its huge community, it has evolved into the most popular solution to create any kind of sites.

Who uses WordPress?

WordPress is used by individuals, large companies, e-shops, corporate websites, and many government websites. Here are some of the famous sites that use WordPress.

Whitehouse.gov: Official Web Site of the US Government.

What are the examples of WordPress sites
What are the examples of WordPress sites

Microsoft blog uses Microsoft WordPress.

For WordPress 2 sites
For WordPress 2 sites

Thousands of major sites around the world and e-shops use WordPress.

Why should you use WordPress?

Well, there are over 35% of all web sites used on WordPress, including well-known entities such as the White House and Microsoft.

But what about you? Why should you use WordPress?

Well, no matter what type of website you want to create, there are many reasons to use WordPress. Here are some of them:

WordPress open source software FREE.

One of the biggest benefits of WordPress is that it is a free open source program. While another you will need to pay some money for hosting onHosting Companies , You will never have to pay for WordPress, which does not apply to other alternatives like Squarespace.

In addition, you can also find lots of open source software and templates to change how your site looks and functions.

WordPress is a global project

Even if you are not a developer or have experience in programming or coding, you can easily edit your website with the huge system of WordPress templates and additional programs in WordPress

WordPress Templates – These templates basically change the look of your website.

WordPress Add – ons – These additions add new features to WordPress or delete the functions of WordPress and each site needs specific additions depending on the type of your site, whether a blog or an e-store … etc

There are currently over 50,000 free WordPress plugins and 5000 free WordPress templates, plus many great options.

WordPress is easy to install

Do you think you need to be a genius to create your own website? Think again! If you can click the mouse button, you can install WordPress on your site. And start their use

All hosting companies now have a control panel to install WordPress with the click of a button. They know very well that almost all new sites are only run by WordPress.

Install WordPress Blog
Install WordPress Blog

The WordPress program and system is already awesome

WordPress is great because it allows you to create almost any type of website. Better yet, your website can also evolve.

do you want Add a forum to your existing WordPress site? No problem – just install Add bbPress!Add a social network? Do not worry! Just use AddBuddyPress.

Easy to find support and help for WordPress

Because WordPress is very popular, it is easy to find help. If you encounter any problems at any time, we are here at the WordPress website. We offer free technical support services through WordPress experts. Just write your topic in WordPress Forums and you will find a great selection of wordpress experts to answer you.

Do you need more persuasion about using WordPress

Still not convinced that WordPress is the best way to build a website? Read this brochure for a deeper look at Ten of the best reasons to use WordPress.

So what is WordPress? It’s the best way to build a website, whatever you want!

WordPress is the most common way to create a website for some reason. If you want to create any kind of website, from blog to ecommerce store, WordPress is a great choice.

Just remember that self-hosted WordPress.org and WordPress.com are not the same. In most cases, self-hosted WordPress.org is what you want to create a website. Self-hosted WordPress.org gives you more ownership as well as access to all the benefits of the WordPress community.

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