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Salam Alaikoum, the author of these words is Mohammed El-Attar, founder wordpress hawks Arabic and English version and one of the team of this site.

mohamed-elattar founder wordpress hawks

I have worked in the field of design and programming since 2007, and after many years of experience in this field I found that the best content management system is the WordPress system and offers amazing possibilities to manage sites, regardless of the purpose of establishing those sites, I decided to create a site to put our practical experience For all these years, my goal from this site is to develop the websites in all its fields and increase the e-commerce sites to offer something worthy of praise and appreciation from the web developers.

Why was the wordpress hawks created?

This site is provided in the English language on the English version, everything is free here and professionally, we take the beginners in the world of WordPress From scratch to professionalism.

We are here to raise the level of the wordpress users to increase knowledge and experience among us.

We have created our Facebook page to increase communication and join new youth to create their own sites to increase and develop the content of  sites.

In order to easily communicate with the visitors and members in wordpress hawks we have created wordpress hawks forums , where any member can write a question or request or query or help on any topic related to WordPress and a group of experts WordPress will respond to the member for free, not only opened the door for everyone to contact us Directly through the contact form for direct contact with the operators of the wordpress hawks.

organize wordpress hawks.

When you visit wordpress hawks, we consider the site to be organized and easy to navigate to get access to the information quickly and not cumbersome to the visitor or member, so the site of the wordpress hawks divided into several main sections and sub-sections:

wordpress hawks tutorials: Here you find all the free educational courses that start from under zero to professionalism in different areas in WordPress from the courses of creating a site or blog to secure a site and increase its staff and more ….

wordpress hawks lessons: These lessons are a complex of educational courses above, but we like to organize it too, they contain the most important topics and educational lessons associated with the courses on wordpress hawks site.

wordpress hawks forums: there you will find a group of WordPress experts to discuss with you about any matters related to WordPress.

wordpress hawks plugins: We have collected the best and most useful plugins for WordPress, which are called WordPress plugins, you can search for the most important plugins that fit your site.

wordpress hawks themes: We have collected the best free and free WordPress themes that are suitable for all types of websites. We have chosen the best themes that we find suitable for many different websites.

The content of the WordPress site is always free and will remain free, and we will not charge any fees for the development of courses, lessons or specific topics. Our sole goal is to help you develop and start your website.

Here are the most important articles that I advise you to start:

do you need help in wordpress?

wordpress hawks have hundreds of educational topics in WordPress, login to Google and search for the subject that you are looking for and type at the end of the search phrase wordpress hawks and you will find the results of your response on our site.

If you do not find your answer we are honored to join us to the wordpress hawks forums and add a subject and you will find a selection of wordpress experts to answer you.

have fun  🙂