what is domain name meaning ? What Is Important

what is domain name

what is domain name meaning ? What Is Important 

What is Domain Name? The question that begs a lot of beginners in the field of Internet, and the establishment of the Internet site in this subject will know what is the domain name?

What is Domain Name?

The domain name is the domain of the site or the name of the site you want to visit, for example, if you want to visit the site of Google, you should type this link in your browser www.google.om and if you want to visit our site WordPress hawks, you should visit this link www.wphawks.com so every site has Domain or domain is almost like the phone number of any person Everyone has a separate phone number is not repeated and no one else is the same idea of ​​the domain Nem.

Components of the NIM domain?

what is domain name ?
what is domain name ?

The Domain Nime consists of four sections and is explained as follows:

Internet Protocol (HTTP) is the abbreviation of HyperText Transfer Protocol, which is the primary protocol used by the World Wide Web. The protocol is responsible for how messages are transmitted and the actions that Web servers and browsers must take in response to different commands.

For example, when you enter a URL in your browser, this command actually sends an HTTP command to the web server that directs it to fetch and request the requested web page.

sub Domain: sub domain is a domain for main domain For example: You have a Web site has this range www.wphawks.com and want to create a support center for your customers or visitors to your site , for example http://help.wphawks This is called “help” on behalf of a domain name. It is linked to the basic domain. The owner of the website can only create the subdomain through its control panel on the hosting company. The search engines deal with this casting domain as a separate site, not a Domino or main site. This casting may be deleted or modified at any time.

Domain Name: Domain is the main domain of the website and is exclusive to the owner of the website and can not duplicate or have two sites the same domain name unlike cast domain.

Domain suffix: Multiple domain suffixes by site domain and each suffix means a name, for example .com is a trade meaning, a shortcut for commerce and .net means network and .org. Organization means organization and so there are suffixes for the domin belong to certain countries such as .eg means egypt  … . etc

Is the Domain name free or paid?

To reserve Domain name you must first choose a hosting company or a company specializing in booking Domains, and the prices of booking Domains from one company to another and depending on the domain, but the most recent hosting companies are reserving a domain for you free of charge if you request a hosting plan or a simple fee Do not exceed $ 2 for the dolphin pays annually, and if you do not renew your domain after a year is cut and another person can reserve this domain and get it.

How does the Domain name work?

The Domain name is the name that appears only when you type the Domain name in your browser, but the site’s caches do not deal with domain names – Domain name. When you type the url, the browser translates the Domain name into an IP address and converts you to the target site.

Can I transfer Domain name from a hosting company to another company?

You can already transfer a Domain name from a hosting company to another company by changing the existing Domain name DNS to the new hosting dns. The DNS settings basically tell DNS servers associated with the IP address of this domain, in which case your IP address will change Because you are changing servers.

We hope that this topic will help you find out what is the domain name? And how the Domain name works and what is useful, you can carry out our educational topic:What are hosting companies? How does it work? And what is its usefulness?

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